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Back on Track🛤️ in 2021?🔮- Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #24

I plan to be back on track in 2021. What are your plans for 2021? In order to get my groove back again, I will visit Fizzle's forum on a regular basis, and go through Jen Rao's post, The Secret to Creating Consistent Content (that nobody’s talking about).

New Media

As blogger since 2002, I am glad to hear that this form of content creation is creating some buzz and headlines again.

"The primary difference is that these blogs, these magazines, these

, will be built and guided by the individual creators for their audience, not by the executives they once reported to."

Like Blogspot, WordPress, Medium and others, Substack will eventually take its place as just another platform for self-publishing — better than some, but evolutionary, not revolutionary.

The content creation tool for this newsletter, Revue, has a paid subscription feature, but I am not ready to charge money for Lyceum Bulletin yet. I am open for support in different forms, e.g., donations via Ko-fi, PayPal, or Patreon.

Talking about support, you could now show me your support and sponsor my new endeavor, a live-streaming show on the broadcasting platform, Happs. I heard about this service from Ileane Smith.

Here is an excerpt from Daniel Green's post, Live-streaming app Happs is set to innovate breaking news (September 11, 2019):

David Neuman, co-founder and chief content officer of Happs, said that the news industry tends to be dominated by its own voice. Instead, giving 'a voice to the voiceless' in this way can be a good prospect for journalism.

"When you have too few people telling you what’s really happening, you can be susceptible to misinformation and skewed perception," he said.

Chris Brogan's tweet on December 20, is encouraging:

And his response to my reply:

Business Philosophy

Recommended reading for business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc.: “But I don’t want to be moral!” Why be clear about ethics in business by Dr. Jaana Woiceshyn.

Good Life

Do you have theme song for your life? Listen to episode 9 of The Secular Foxhole podcast with my co-host, Blair Schofield and yours truly,

Episode nine consists of Martin and I talking about some of our favorite kinds of music. I wanted theme music for the show to be a cross between two of ...

Do you have a favorite band, song, or piece of music? How about ABBA? Listen to Jason Barnard's conversation with Janne Schaffer.

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