Celebrating the Good Life with an Emoji🧋

Issue 27 of Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog

New Media

I am getting closer to the launch of my site, TeaParty.Media. It is funny how a “lost” domain name, got me clearer how I could use my “last” site. I had an informative phone call with my web host, Inleed.

Talking about Twitter, read Lisa Sicard’s post, 7 Twitter Tools To Help You Navigate Twitter Quicker & Easier. If Twitter is not for you, maybe you should check out the Fediverse and Mastodon. I am (Lyceum) hanging out at Podcast Index DOT social.

Business Philosophy

Are you ready to defend liberalism?

Good Life

Have you used support material like word cards? Listen to episode 10 (season 3) of Presentation (Skills) Q&A, with my co-host, Carina Ridenius, and yours truly.

How did you celebrate Bubble Tea 🧋Day on January 29? Have you watched The Emoji Story?

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