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Do EGO🔎Search Surfing!🏄‍♂️- Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #17

Have you searched on your own (company) name? I did an EGO Search on Kia Helles in episode 102 of EGO NetCast podcast.

New Media

Talking about searching. I searched on Apple Podcasts's search feature on Google, and found this article ("Apple Podcasts Enhances Audio Transcript Search in iOS 13") by Austin Canary. I then wrote this tweet:

Here you could see the transcript, included in the updated blog post on my conversation with Colin Gray. I paid about USD $30 for this service. If you like this kind of material in the show notes, you are welcome to hit the tip jar! Thanks! :)

Business Philosophy

Talking about supporting a good cause, after I had watched a live streaming of the AynRandCon event, Navigating Life and Times of Crisis, I decided to start donating a small amount to the Ayn Rand Institute, again. I have supported the institute since the foundation in 1985. I picked the Anthem membership level (USD $10 per month). You should read the book, Anthem, if you are interested to explore the true philosophical meaning of the word, ego.

Here is an excerpt from Jaana Woiceshyn's post, The proper role of government: Why the economic lockdowns must end:

The lockdowns and other government-imposed restrictions on economic activity have been devastating to many: unemployment, significant reductions in income, ruined financial futures, decline in mental and physical well-being, businesses failing. Read Don Watkins’ article “The harsh truth about COVID-19” in Medium, where he makes the moral case for opening up the economy “as fast as possible, as smart as possible.”

Good Life

Have you seen the tea plant, Camellia sinensis?

20 Likes, 7 Comments - Martin Lindeskog🗽🌐💎☕️🍵🙃 (@lyceum.peripatos) on Instagram: “The Camellia sinensis plant 🌱 could work as a symbol for my passion for tea, and my vision to…”


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