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  • Gone Fishing 🎣 Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #25

Gone Fishing 🎣 Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #25

I have not published an issue for some time... And now it is time for a summer break! ;) Do you have any vacation plans?

New Media

I published episode 121 of EGO NetCast podcast on July 11. I share some highlights from the podosphere, since episode 120 (published on January 17).

Business Philosophy

That companies are trying to avoid the government’s arbitrary power is understandable. The social media and tech companies and others should also be free to operate their businesses the way wish, as long as they don’t violate others’ individual rights by using physical coercion or by engaging in fraud.

That said, the companies should not attempt to act as arbiters of truth or “correct” views. That is immoral: it is bad for their business.

I will implement Ivana Taylor's tips on how to pick a marketing strategy, as soon as I have launched my "last" site, TeaParty.Media.

Good Life

I have published the trailer episode of my new podcast, High Five for Hemp. What kind of good stuff have you found?

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