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  • Lucky Number? 🎱 🎲 - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #13

Lucky Number? 🎱 🎲 - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #13

Could issue 13 be the lucky number for this publication?

New Media

Talking about being "lucky," in the next solo episode of EGO NetCast, I will tell you about how my Twitter handle changed "hands"... At the moment, I have pinned this tweet:

Business Philosophy

I wonder if Zachary Davis has read Jason Fried's post, How we acquired HEY.com. Here is an excerpt:

Things were beginning to heat up, but there was no deal yet. I completely understood – he owned this domain for a long time, and he wasn’t a squatter. Dane used hey.com for his business. It was part of his identity. It was a valuable asset. He needed time to think it through.

Good Life

In Tim Ferriss's newsletter (5-Bullet Friday) of March 13, he is asking the following question:

Imagine that you or your family go into self-quarantine for the next 1–3 months. What might you do to make it as enjoyable or as productive a time as possible?

I sent the following tweet:

What would you do?

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