Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #3

I am back on track, after about six months since the latest issue! Instead of publishing a weekly personal newsletter, I have now figured out that I am comfortable with sending something out on a fortnightly basis. I will sketch a doodle every other Thursday, and then create a new issue of Lyceum Bulletin during the weekend.

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New Media

I am still thinking of including short audio snippets in the newsletter, but I will first evaluate some of the players out there. I have tested several services during the years, e.g., AudioBoom, Clammr, and Opinion. As a podcaster "personal trainer," it is fascinating to see how companies are popping up in the "net cast" (cyber) space, now and then.

Please, listen to my latest issue of EGO NetCast podcast. I  did an ego search on Addy Saucedo of The Podcast Planner.

Business Philosophy

Are you in a Mastermind group? I recently joined four other Fizzle members for weekly Skype sessions and conversations on our Slack team. Read Steph Crowder's post, How to Creat a Fail-proof Mastermind Group.

I recommend you to check out Fizzle forum and courses, five weeks for free, using my affiliate link below.

We make courses featuring big name experts for bloggers, podcasters, freelancers and independent entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Good Life

I recently had a nice summer vacation weekend trip, enjoying the good life in good company with friends. I posted an update on my Facebook page and received the following nice comment by John Cox: 

Good on ya, Martin. Crush it!

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Stay Tuned

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