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  • ♔, ♕, & Pres(ID)ent - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #9

♔, ♕, & Pres(ID)ent - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #9

Did you celebrate George Washington's birthday on February 22? Listen to the latest episode (Freedom of the Press and Time for the George Washington Day) of my podcast, EGO NetCast, for my take on the freedom of the press.

New Media

You know from the last issue, that Twitter is my favorite social media tool / platform. In the next episode of EGO NetCast, I will talk about an alternative to Twitter. In the meantime, I have to fix Twitter's follow limit rule... ;)

Business Philosophy

I will add the following saying to my "last" site:

Content is King, Context is Queen, and Conversation should be Pres(ID)ent.

I will present how I conduct business, and how I want to get paid, according to the trader principle. What do you want to find on my upcoming site?

9 Likes, 3 Comments - Martin Lindeskog🗽🌐💎☕️🍵🙃 (@lyceum) on Instagram: “Sketches for my “last” site, @teapartymedia, in a notebook by @penco_jpn, purchased from…”

Good Life

Have you heard a good story lately? How about storytelling in the hospitality business? Listen to episode 33 of Presentation (Skills) in Plain English, if you are interested in describing your company in an effective way.


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