Revue issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of my newsletter, Lyceum Bulletin.

Grab a cup of tea (or some other beverage) and have a good time!

New Media

Is e-mail "dead"? Will my news bulletin be able to cut through the digital noise and create buzz? How could I have time to read my own newsletter, if I am struggling with all the notifications and messages?

I got an aha! moment when I read Kevin Rose's revamped newsletter, The Journal, and decided it was time to create my first real newsletter.

I am a fan of TimTim's (a.k.a Timothy Ferriss) work, but I must say that Peter Shallard ("The Shrink for Entrepreneurs") is making a strong case for email communication, in his piece, Why Inbox Zero works and Tim Ferriss is wrong about email.

How do you handle your inbox? Is it possible, or even desirable to reach for zero messages in your in-basket? If you are an Apple fanboy, have you tested Airmail for iPhone? I am on the outlook (pun intended) for a new email app.

Business Philosophy

As a trader in matter and spirit, I named my newsletter after Aristotle's school, Lyceum. It is also my Twitter username. Talking business philosophy, I am for the saying: walk the talk.

Please read Chris Farmer's post, How to be a Better Leader.

Do you have a favorite business leader at the moment?

Good Life

My latest project is to achieve the goal to finish my first book on tea in 100 days. I will document the progress in The Freedom Journal.

In order to be able to achieve this goal in this time period, I need to become a "productivityist" and start to "procrastinate on purpose"...

How do you get things done? What are you reading at the moment?

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